Pocketful of Sunshine


The other day I was feeling kind of down in the dumps.  I was home, It was cold, and I started to feel a little sorry for myself which is not good so I decided to go out to the yard and cut some fresh roses. I placed them in this small tiny silver pot that I had found while I was organizing the cupboards about three weeks ago.  As I smelled the roses and placed them on my desk, I smiled and thought, “wow, i’m so glad we have flowers. they are so beautiful and uplifting!”

This small simple act really made me reflect on having an attitude of gratitude towards everything that is around me.  Sometimes it’s just easier to just fall into a slump trap and not want to see any of the good things that we do have.  It’s much easier to pull the covers over our heads, ignore the beauty, and close ourselves off to those who love us.

That is why I am making it my goal this month to find a pocketful of sunshine everyday!  Even when I think my day might be going down that hill, I am determined to find something to appreciate.  You’ll be surprised how fast your day will turn around once your attitude turns to gratitude!



Weekend Binge


1. I seriously started singing I Think I Love You after I wolfed down this scrumptious Girl Scouts Samoa flavored Nestle Crunch bar.  Not sure if I should be proud of that moment, but it was sooo good! If you’re a chocolate lover like me, it’s a must try ❤ ❤ ❤

2. I think I’m feeling a little old because half of these 33 Cool Abbreviations I didin’t know, lol! So JIC you missed it, FUTAB and check to see if there are any new ones YSK about! LMK what you think 😎

3. If you can overlook the blatant product placement for Samsung, Janelle Monáe’s video for her song Electric Lady will have you dancing in your chair or up out of it in no time ⭐


“Coosin” Tunes

Okay, before you think, “she misspelled the word cousin” there is a simple explanation for this!  Growing up, my cousins and I loved to watch Perfect Strangers and loved how Balki (Bronson Pinchot) called Larry (Mark Lin-Baker) “Coosin Larry”.  Because of that it became a term of endearment for one another, so instead of calling each other by name we call each other “coosin”.

A couple of weeks ago, I went to visit my family in sunny San Diego, hung out with some of my beautiful “coosins” and began reminiscing about the “olden times” hahaha.  We recalled cutting out in the middle of night to go to beach bonfires while their parents were asleep, or embarrassing moments of stealthily sneaking into a club (while underage) by being pulled up onto the rooftop in a dress while someone was pushing us up from below.  We started to think of the songs that were associated with these funny or memorable moments.

All of that made me think of the power of music, and how music really can play an important part of helping us form indelible memories of certain events in our life.

Idol Crushes

One of my “coosins” and I were obsessed with G’N’R and would dream of the day of marrying Axl & Slash respectively.

Bonfire Nights

High school summer nights of sneaking out and going to a bonfire with the “coosins”


Quinceañera heartbreak that involved some shots of tequila and a good song about heartache.

Vegas Crusin’

There is nothing like some Spanish Hip-Hop while stuck in traffic on your way to Vegas with the “coosins”

Do you have any memorable songs? Pleas share!

Weekend Binge

This Weekend’s Binge includes…Comedy, Inspiration, A Classic, & Eye Candy.

Hang on for this emotional roller coaster ride that will leave you thinking, “I’m I going through early Menopause?”

Get up & just be You!

Let’s start with a little inspirational pick-me-up courtesy of singer Colbie Caillat’s new song & video for Try.  Not only are her lyrics for this song inspirational, but her video will cause you to take off your makeup and affirm in the mirror, “I don’t have to try so hard!”

Fav part….

“You don’t have to try so hard
You don’t have to, give it all away
You just have to get up, get up, get up, get up
You don’t have to change a single thing”

Find Yourself?

(Caution: watching this movie might cause you to wake up feeling confused & singing the Theme Song from Valley of the Dolls, or make you feel like Helen Larson singing I’ll Plant My Own Tree, Lol)

Now Moving on to a Classic…I had not watched the cult classic movie Valley of the Dolls. Luckily for me, Netflix has it currently streaming so I was able to catch-up.  It’s a good watch alone to gain some fashion inspiration; however, I forgot that it’s set in the 60’s so some of the messages for woman are not all that empowering.  It’s over arching message of “don’t do drugs” or “don’t leave home to try to find yourself because you’ll be running on empty” didn’t sit too well with me, but I had to remind myself that we have come a long way from that.  I have heard that the book is much better than the movie, but not sure if I should go ahead and read it yet. Recommendations anyone?

Laugh it Off…

I know this might sound cheesy, but I loved watching Weird Al Yankovic’s comical spin on popular songs, so of course, I was happy to see him redo Pharrell’s Happy into Tacky with the help of some great comedians like Margret Cho, Jack Black, and Eric Stonestreet.  It will happily have you singing Tacky in no time!

Via: The Nerdist

Have Some Candy

There is nothing like ending your binge with something sweet, so if you’re in the mood for something savory, and are a fan of Sons of Anarchy’s Charlie Hunnam this one’s for you!  Check out his ad that might make you spritz some Eternity and have you wearing Calvins in no time…

What are you Binging on?


Favorite Summer Quotes

Yes, I have that Su…Su…Su…Summer Time…Summer Time Madness!

So much so that I thought I’d share my favorite Summer quotes that have been helping me enjoy my Summer

Summer Means Going to the Beach


It also means it’s time to dust off that bathing suit!


Sometimes You Even Get to Relax….


You Spend so Much Time in the Water it that it Feels like Home…


There is Nothing like the Feeling of Walking Barefoot in the Sand & Dressing down


and the Sound of the Ocean to Make You Feel at Peace.


But Mostly just Taking Some Time to Enjoy the Small Things in Life!


All Pics Via: Pinterest

How Do You Enjoy Your Summer?


Sunnyside Memories

Hello Beauties!

I hope everyone has been enjoying their Summer so far!

I’m writing this in desperate need of some coffee so if I start to slur off you will know that I probably dozed off, hehe. I promised to write at least 3x a week, but last week I went on a mini-vacay without internet access to be found. But I’m back and happy to share my beautiful week with you!

I went on a mini-vacay to sunny San Diego to visit my family.  I mean I’m not that far away-it’s like a 2hr drive from the High Desert, but I don’t visit often so it was nice to get away. It’s always nice to revisit childhood memories like the smell of my grandmother’s garden spearmint.  It makes me feel 9yrs old again!  Of course, there is always something beautiful & memorable about my visits….

like the colorful dainty cup my aunt served my coffee in


and the grogeous lone red rose I saw at the entrance of my grandmother’s front door


or my aunt’s show and tell shopping trip to the Grocery Outlet Bargain Market which was hilarious but I did find great deals!


and of course trying out my new hairdo.


It was a wonderful trip with beautiful weather and a batch full of new memories!

How was your week?