Easy Peasy Spring Into Summer Refresher


Summer is fast approaching, and I am always looking for creative ways to keep me hydrated and make my drink look pretty!

I’ve seen pretty drinks with flowers or herbs, but I wanted something much simpler than that!

Cue: Colored Ice Cubes…

There are a ton of variations on this drink, but I stuck with just using Sprite or 7Up and some Kool Aid to make this Spring Into Summer Refresher.

What You Will Need

-1 Pink & 1 Yellow Kool Aid Packs

-Sprite or 7Up

-2 Ice Cube Trays

Directions: Pour Pink Kool Aid packet into some water, mix, and pour into ice cube tray, and freeze for about 1hr (repeat same process w/ yellow packet).  Once ice cubes are set, place 2 cubes of each color into glass and fill glass with Sprite or 7Up.  Put a dainty straw inside, sip, and get ready to feel refreshed!

Of course you can always add a splash of vodka for some cocktail fun if you’d like 🙂





Ellie’s Summer Wine Spritzer

Ellie treated me to his fabulous self and came to visit a couple of weeks ago.  As the domestic goddess that he is, while hanging out at the pool, he made me a really refreshing drink that he just concocted spur of the moment.

What You Will Need

-White Wine (we used Stella Rosa Moscato)

-Ginger Ale


– Halved Grapes

-Cubed Apples


Put some ice in a glass, pour some wine, add a dash of Ginger Ale, add 4 or 5 halved grapes, and some cubed apples- easy peasy, right?!

Great drink to have as you get your tan on!



Shuffle Drink Friday: Pomitussin

Looking for a  pre-party drink that will help you fend off  those pesky colds on the dance floors on a Friday night?

Skip the Sizzurp seizures because we have a much better purple drank with a healthy dose of antioxidants!

All you will need is the following:

-1 cup (8 oz) of pomegranate juice (we like POM juice)

-The juice of 1 lemon

-4 raspberries

-1 shot of vodka (your choice)


All you have to do is put all your ingredients in a shaker with ice and pour it in a chilled Martini glass.


Enjoy the delicious tangy sweetness!


Until next Shuffle Drink Day!

Original Recipe from: Eat Feel Fresh

Shuffle Drink Thursday: La Flaca


What’s pink, fruity, and a little boozey? La Flaca that’s what (skinny chick for all our non-Spanish readers).

Since my birthday is right around the corner, I really need to lose 3lbs without acting like a bitch.  So I put myself on a liquid diet which naturally means cruising Pinterest for the best in hipster alcoholism.  Low and behold, I found a recipe that can keep me smashed without it going to my ass.

All you need is the following: vodka of choice, Crystal Light, and ice


Fill up 1/3 of the blender pitcher with vodka


Add 2 individual Crystal Light Packets to Go or 1/2 of a 2qrt packet then fill up 3/4 of the blender pitcher with ice and press blend


Add some flare and you’re ready to drink


It’s only 10 cals so you can drink your dinner tonight!

Stay tuned every week for a new Shuffle Drink recipe, Salud!