Easy Peasy Spring Into Summer Refresher


Summer is fast approaching, and I am always looking for creative ways to keep me hydrated and make my drink look pretty!

I’ve seen pretty drinks with flowers or herbs, but I wanted something much simpler than that!

Cue: Colored Ice Cubes…

There are a ton of variations on this drink, but I stuck with just using Sprite or 7Up and some Kool Aid to make this Spring Into Summer Refresher.

What You Will Need

-1 Pink & 1 Yellow Kool Aid Packs

-Sprite or 7Up

-2 Ice Cube Trays

Directions: Pour Pink Kool Aid packet into some water, mix, and pour into ice cube tray, and freeze for about 1hr (repeat same process w/ yellow packet).  Once ice cubes are set, place 2 cubes of each color into glass and fill glass with Sprite or 7Up.  Put a dainty straw inside, sip, and get ready to feel refreshed!

Of course you can always add a splash of vodka for some cocktail fun if you’d like 🙂





DIY: Halloween Cards

I’m a big Halloween freak! I anticipate it’s approach all year, and can’t wait to finally be able to play my Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack the whole month.  Yes, I’m a big dork, but it’s okay, hehe.

 I thought it would be nice to make my very own handmade hallmarks to some friends & family,  So with Ol’ Hallow’s Eve fast approaching, I needed to dust off my crafting supplies and make some cards.   With the help of Martha Stewart Crafts & Marshalls stationary isle finds, I made a total of 12 unique ones that were soon ready to be stamped and sent off.  Now all I need are some treats!



Speed Up Your Grilled Cheese W/ An Unexpected Ingredient

When a comfort food craving hits, sometimes there’s just no time to waste, right? Last week my husband made a delicious grilled cheese sandwich! I know there is no real science to making it, but he said that what appealed to him about the recipe was that you grilled the sandwich with Mayo instead of butter!  So he decided to try this Food52 recipe out and find out if mayonnaise was better than butter.


What You Will Need:

Sharp Cheddar Cheese (any brand could be used to get fancy, we just had the Costco house brand at that moment)


-Sourdough or any rustic bread (we used sourdough)


The original recipe was intended to serve 10 people, so we modified it for just the two of us.  All you need is four slices of your chosen bread.  Shred about 4oz of the cheese or whatever stacks up well with the size of your bread.

Heat frying pan over medium to low heat.  Spread mayo on the outside of each slice of bread.  Sprinkle your desired amount of shredded cheese on the inside of one slice of bread, cover with second slice of bread and place in frying pan.

Grill for about 4-5 minutes on each side or until golden brown.

When done, place it on a pate, add some chips or fruit, and lunch is served!

Easy peasy, right!!?



It was super delicious and it was equally as good as grilling it with butter.  No waiting for the butter to soften or tearing up bread, and the whole thing was perfectly crispy and melty! This is definitely a great recipe to make when you are in a pinch and don’t have lot of time or simply want to try a new twist on an old favorite.


Ellie’s Summer Wine Spritzer

Ellie treated me to his fabulous self and came to visit a couple of weeks ago.  As the domestic goddess that he is, while hanging out at the pool, he made me a really refreshing drink that he just concocted spur of the moment.

What You Will Need

-White Wine (we used Stella Rosa Moscato)

-Ginger Ale


– Halved Grapes

-Cubed Apples


Put some ice in a glass, pour some wine, add a dash of Ginger Ale, add 4 or 5 halved grapes, and some cubed apples- easy peasy, right?!

Great drink to have as you get your tan on!



A Chemical Peel for Breakfast


For the past couple of months, I’ve been seeing this guy who is seriously into brandy (the drink not the singer who I think killed someone? ). He even  gave me some type of medical reasoning behind it but naturally I lost him at “medically speaking…”

Of course being the domestic goddess that I am, I now make sure my apartment is stocked with the medical juice.  Anyways, the other morning, I woke up channeling my inner Julia Child and made him the perfect breakfast on the rocks. As I went back to bed and stared longingly into his eyes, he opened his mouth to say, “thanks, and by the way, I think you’re getting wrinkles. Try some brandy on them.”  That’s when I took a deep breathe, paused and thought, “ok, how would Kate Upton Middleton handle this?” It then dawned on me that Dr. Oz had done a segment on liquor and lemons (again,  selective hearing at its best).

So I popped out my tablet,  did a bit of research and voila, I discovered the face mask recipe.  The next thing you know,  I found myself adding this (2x a month) to my beauty regime.

“The acid of the lemon, the lactic acid of the milk and the alcohol in the brandy in this face mask work together to exfoliate and brighten your face, naturally reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles.” -Dr. Oz


The best part is it’s easy and requires three simple things.


1 cup milk

2 tsp lemon juice

1 tbsp brandy


Step 1: Mix the ingredients.

Step 2: Pour yourself a shot or 2 on the side (optional).

Step 3: Apply with a brush and let dry. To be on the safe side, I kept it on for 10 mins and then I washed my face.

This mask is definitely a must for anyone who wants to keep waking up to a quality man, and by a  “quality man” I mean CEOs, producers, or surgeons.

My Fabulous Tulle Wreath

I was looking to make a wreath for my office, and when I came across a picture of a beautiful white one with rhinestones on it on Pinterest, I was inspired to make one.


I got some white and creme colored tulle for the main colors and some sparkly gold tulle for accent.  I found a really cool sparkly flower that matched the colors I was using, and I had some feathers I hadn’t used to add to the back of the flower.  I was trying to find some rhinestones that would go, but no such luck at my local craft store, so I decided to go without this time around.

I liked how my tulle came out so much that I decided to make an extra one for my Etsy store that I’m building!



Let me know what you think!


DIY: Gold Typography

I have gold rush fever, and I can’t stop giving things the Midas touch!

My recent endeavor is gold typography.  I have been seeing a lot of really great quotes or art in this glamorous medium, and I can’t help but join in on the bling crafting fun.

gold foil print roundup 2.5

Image Via: Peonies + Brass

There a lot of ways you can do the typography art, but I didn’t want to spend any extra money, so I used some items that I already have to create my own little slice of gilded quotable bliss.

Materials I used:


Silhouette, Bic Yellow Gold Permanent Markers $6, White Cardstock, Ikea Frame $4

The quote I chose for my soon to be framed art is the Louise Hay affirmation, “Always Believe Something Wonderful Is About to Happen” because I know that’s a constant thing I need to remind myself everyday.

So I fired up my Silhouette machine, chose a font that I wanted my quote in, and made a stencil with cardstock.  I put the stenciled cardstock over white paper and carefully taped each side.  I then colored it in using the Yellow Gold Bic marker on white paper.

Optional: You can also give it some extra sparkle by adding some glitter for a little twinkle.  I used some gold glitter  by spraying a little adhesive and then sprinkling it randomly on the paper.  I let dry overnight just to make sure & then framed it in an Ikea frame.




Here is my finished creation! I can’t wait to do more.  I think next time I will play around with some gold foil.



The Best In DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts

You will probably be seeing a lot of posts from us about Valentine’s Day, so hopefully you won’t get bored, lol.

Out of the hundreds of DIY VDay projects that are out there, I was able to condense it to my favorite top 10.  They are easy to do, and some come with FREE printables, yaaay!


Free Printables 

Lastly, here is a great DIY on how to hollow a light bulb.