El Tepeyac Nachos

Ellie & I were jonsing for some nachos this past weekend so we decided to hit up EL Tepeyac.  This “mom & pop” restaurant in East L.A is not only infamous for its burritos, but their nachos are to die for too!

Lemon Ale w/ Raspberry

I was in the mood to try something new at Starbucks, and the barista recommended I have the Fizzio Lemon Ale w/ 3 pumps of raspberry syrup instead of 6.  It turned out to be my new fav drink for this Summer. It’s cool, refreshing, and sweet. You must try it 🙂

Raspberry Caves

After A Spoonful of Style, put up a recipe for some Swedish biscuits called Hallongrotter or “raspberry caves” it left me with a sweet tooth, so naturally I had to make some to satisfy my craving.  It’s super easy to make, a great companion to have with tea or coffee,  a nice small midday snack ,or to have as an after dinner dessert.


Why settle with the simplicity of watching a movie in 3D when you can experience it in 4DX!  According to it’s description, it “features motion seats and special effects including wind, fog, mist/rain, scents and more that perfectly synch to the on-screen action.”  My husband and I had a date night this past weekend, and we headed out to L.A. Live in downtown to see what the hype was all about.  Guardians of the Galaxy was playing in 4DX, and it was so much fun!  It almost feels like a little roller coaster ride!  We will definitely be going back again.



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