“Coosin” Tunes

Okay, before you think, “she misspelled the word cousin” there is a simple explanation for this!  Growing up, my cousins and I loved to watch Perfect Strangers and loved how Balki (Bronson Pinchot) called Larry (Mark Lin-Baker) “Coosin Larry”.  Because of that it became a term of endearment for one another, so instead of calling each other by name we call each other “coosin”.

A couple of weeks ago, I went to visit my family in sunny San Diego, hung out with some of my beautiful “coosins” and began reminiscing about the “olden times” hahaha.  We recalled cutting out in the middle of night to go to beach bonfires while their parents were asleep, or embarrassing moments of stealthily sneaking into a club (while underage) by being pulled up onto the rooftop in a dress while someone was pushing us up from below.  We started to think of the songs that were associated with these funny or memorable moments.

All of that made me think of the power of music, and how music really can play an important part of helping us form indelible memories of certain events in our life.

Idol Crushes

One of my “coosins” and I were obsessed with G’N’R and would dream of the day of marrying Axl & Slash respectively.

Bonfire Nights

High school summer nights of sneaking out and going to a bonfire with the “coosins”


Quinceañera heartbreak that involved some shots of tequila and a good song about heartache.

Vegas Crusin’

There is nothing like some Spanish Hip-Hop while stuck in traffic on your way to Vegas with the “coosins”

Do you have any memorable songs? Pleas share!


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