Weekend Binge

Sometimes the weekend is all about catching up on the things you missed.  Here are some of my weekend recommendations to help in your binge process.

Kick off those shoes, relax, & enjoy!

1. Netflix Movie of the Week:

The Right Kind of Wrong

Cute movie with True Blood’s hottie Ryan Kwanten (aka: Jason Stackhouse).  It’s a basic love a first sight tale with the twist that he meets his love interest on the day she is getting married, so he needs to convince her that’s he’s the actual Mr. Right! Funny, quirky, and the best part is you get to see Ryan Kwanten shirtless (you can cross off your daily dose of eye candy for that day) or him cuddling with that adorable white kitty (swoon)!


2. My Weekly Playlist

I’m always listening to music.  It speaks to my soul and can easily put me in a good mood or make me feel nostalgic.

There is nothing like listening to the soft croon of Lana’s melancholic voice.

Great remake of this cool classic that will leave you feeling empowered!

Chill out with this awesome collaboration.

3. News of the Week

If you haven’t heard about the ridiculous story of the Potato Salad Kickstarter that has raised over $57,000 to date then you must read the article below! What will make you want to quit your job or at least a quick “face palm” is its starting goal of $10! It begs to answer the question, “what am I doing with my life!”

potato salad

Via: Huffingtonpost






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