Sunnyside Memories

Hello Beauties!

I hope everyone has been enjoying their Summer so far!

I’m writing this in desperate need of some coffee so if I start to slur off you will know that I probably dozed off, hehe. I promised to write at least 3x a week, but last week I went on a mini-vacay without internet access to be found. But I’m back and happy to share my beautiful week with you!

I went on a mini-vacay to sunny San Diego to visit my family.  I mean I’m not that far away-it’s like a 2hr drive from the High Desert, but I don’t visit often so it was nice to get away. It’s always nice to revisit childhood memories like the smell of my grandmother’s garden spearmint.  It makes me feel 9yrs old again!  Of course, there is always something beautiful & memorable about my visits….

like the colorful dainty cup my aunt served my coffee in


and the grogeous lone red rose I saw at the entrance of my grandmother’s front door


or my aunt’s show and tell shopping trip to the Grocery Outlet Bargain Market which was hilarious but I did find great deals!


and of course trying out my new hairdo.


It was a wonderful trip with beautiful weather and a batch full of new memories!

How was your week?


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