This Week On: Stalkwick Portfolio

Hello Lovelies!

So much to share this week on our StalkWick Portfolio.  I have been playing around with different names for our weekly roundups and I think “StalkWick Portfolio” might stay.  It’s a play on version of Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women’s imaginary newspaper called the “Pickwick Portfolio“.  What do you guys think? Should it stay or should I go back to the drawing board?

I’m happy to report that we did have quite a lovely week full of activities including a wonderful visit by my one only brother, Ellie, a small shopping spree, some garden decorating, and some DIY projects!

1.I had a small shopping spree at Aldo.  I was due for a new purse, and I ended up picking up 2 pairs of sunglasses and a necklace.  I just couldn’t resist the 2 for $20 deal on the sunglasses and well the necklace was just an added bonus.


2. My mom was bent on getting a mermaid for our poolside garden, and I went on Amazon to see if I could find a decent one.  I ended up getting this cute one that looks like it dug itself into the rocks.  It is super cute, but the only problem is the size.  I thought it would be bigger, but it was actually smaller than I thought.  I was a little disappointed because it was suppose to be the last piece to complete that garden area.   It still looks good, but I expected it to be a little bigger for the price.  What do you guys think?


3. I have been looking for an earring holder to hang some earrings, and I this one below at Ross for 10 bucks!  Only problem was that it was black, so I decided to spray paint it gold to go with my overall decor in my jewelry cabinet.  I think it came out pretty good!


4. I finally decided to finish my wall art up -cycling project that I wanted to do on the left hand side of my fireplace.  I bought some frames at Ikea, and used some pictures I found on the internet, an old picture frame that was left from a set of 3, and a cool gift bag I decided to frame.  All I had to do was figure out a good arrangement, so I did my test trail on the floor before they went up.  After I was sure of the layout, the hubs put them up using some Velcro mountable tape.


5. Lastly, I found this really cool mug that reminded me of Ellie.  He is such a beach lover that I couldn’t resist getting him this mug so he could drink his tea in.


How was your week?



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