Sibling Get-Together

My brother and I had some well deserved sibling time this past weekend!  The both of us have been absentee from the blogger world for about a month due to school and regular “life” stuff that happens, but we are happy to report that we are ending our small hiatus.

Even though we both are starting Summer Sessions in our respective schools, it feels good to be back on the horse and into the drawing board.  This week we had a little get-together, and I was really excited to have him come up to visit me and stay for a couple of days before he has his Spring Finals.

What did we do, you ask?

Had a relaxing afternoon & evening outside our patio! Ellie made a nice appetizer spread and I popped open a bottle of red wine.


At night, we had a mini slumber party and pigged out on junk food while we watched Vampire Academy, LOL.  Truth be told the movie wasn’t that good, but we were crushing on the actor (Danila Kozlovsky) who played Dimitri. He’s one tall drink of water, swoon! It’s like we were 12yrs old again.


The next day, he treated me to a delicious chicken salad sandwich accompanied with a beautiful watermelon spread!


Sliced Watermelon garnished with some Walnuts


Watermelon balls made with a melon baller surrounded by lemon wedges!

I felt so spoiled by Ellie this weekend that I can’t wait until we do it again!



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