A Chemical Peel for Breakfast


For the past couple of months, I’ve been seeing this guy who is seriously into brandy (the drink not the singer who I think killed someone? ). He even  gave me some type of medical reasoning behind it but naturally I lost him at “medically speaking…”

Of course being the domestic goddess that I am, I now make sure my apartment is stocked with the medical juice.  Anyways, the other morning, I woke up channeling my inner Julia Child and made him the perfect breakfast on the rocks. As I went back to bed and stared longingly into his eyes, he opened his mouth to say, “thanks, and by the way, I think you’re getting wrinkles. Try some brandy on them.”  That’s when I took a deep breathe, paused and thought, “ok, how would Kate Upton Middleton handle this?” It then dawned on me that Dr. Oz had done a segment on liquor and lemons (again,  selective hearing at its best).

So I popped out my tablet,  did a bit of research and voila, I discovered the face mask recipe.  The next thing you know,  I found myself adding this (2x a month) to my beauty regime.

“The acid of the lemon, the lactic acid of the milk and the alcohol in the brandy in this face mask work together to exfoliate and brighten your face, naturally reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles.” -Dr. Oz


The best part is it’s easy and requires three simple things.


1 cup milk

2 tsp lemon juice

1 tbsp brandy


Step 1: Mix the ingredients.

Step 2: Pour yourself a shot or 2 on the side (optional).

Step 3: Apply with a brush and let dry. To be on the safe side, I kept it on for 10 mins and then I washed my face.

This mask is definitely a must for anyone who wants to keep waking up to a quality man, and by a  “quality man” I mean CEOs, producers, or surgeons.


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