Stalking Weekly

This weeks stalks include sweets, scents, soul, icons, and relief.

1. Le Mervetty

My brother surprised me with some luxurious sweets from Le Mervetty in Beverly Hills.  We both had our heart set on going together, but because I’ve been out of commission, I haven’t been able to go.  So to cheer me up, he arrived with these delectable noms to brighten my day.  Let me tell you, they were sooo good! I felt like I was eating a delicious fluffy cloud.  Just thinking about it makes me want some more.



2. Mitsouko by Guerlain

This perfume by Guerlain is my current Spring scent obsession.  I can’t get enough of it. I was extremely happy to get this as a birthday gift from the hubs this month.  It’s a velvety spicy light scent with a hint of peach and jasmine.  A great signature perfume for sure.


3.  The Untethered Soul

I usually meditate everyday, but before I do that, I like to read something soulful or spiritual.  My current read is The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer.  I’m about 5 chapters in, and it’s pretty good.  It really makes you contemplate on the question, “Who Am I?”, and most importantly teach you how to disconnect from the “movie” that you’re in to find inner peace.


4. Harper’s Bazaar Emojis

I was so excited when I saw these fashionable emojis, but it soon turned bittersweet.  I downloaded the app on my iPad (only available for iOS) to soon find out that you can’t actually use it for it’s designed purpose.  It doesn’t work on the keyboard.  You can share it to your social media, but as a picture, not as emoji so that was disappointing.  You can also email or text the emoji, but it does the same thing.  It was a great idea, but big flop.  Maybe they’ll work out the kinks later.


5. Salt, Heat, & Pills

All week, I have been trying to nurture my poor knee and back from pain.  It’s pretty horrible because , at times, I can’t even sleep at night.  I did go to the doctors, and I was given some pain meds.  So right now, I’m doing my best impression of Elizabeth Taylor and using a heating pad, soaking with bath salts, & popping some pills.  Maybe in a couple of weeks, I ‘ll start feeling more like Beyonce again, hehehe.  (P.S. if you know any knee pain remedies, let me know)


How was your week?



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