Soapy Delicacies

I have an appetite for macaroons only these are not for eating.

I am trying to complete my Alice in Wonderland themed guest bathroom, and I’m about 80% done [check out my Alice hand towels here].  I  have this jar that I got at Home Goods that I have been meaning to fill.  I thought  why not make it an “Eat Me” jar full of some type of pastry.  Enter my idea on looking for soap desserts.

I went on Etsy (I love supporting local artists), and found a shop by the name of Savon Marie or (Marie’s Soaps).  She is a retired school librarian who has a penchant for handcrafting soaps since 1999.  What stood out to me besides her beautiful artistry is her packaging and presentation of the bubbly soaps.  I mean I wanted to get everything, but I had to focus and just get the Macaroons for now, hehe.

I decided on getting 3 sets of macaroons in the scent of Lemon, Apricot, and Raspberry.  You have the option of getting one big mamma jamba macaroon or 3 full size macaroons for the price of $7.95.  I choose the full size, so I ended getting a total of 9 full size macaroons.  I thought that would be enough to fill up my apothecary jar.


I was anticipating the arrival of my inedible treats like a little girl at a candy store.  When my shipment arrived, it did not disappoint.  I opened up my box so delicately and took off the foam macaroni.  The first thing I saw was a cute tag that said “Merci”; I was already excited! I then reached in and saw the most exquisitely adorable round boxes with pink lids and bottoms, a Marie Antoinette seal that says “never enough”, and sparkly ribbon that tied it all together, I was in heaven! I also found a lovely surprise in my box.  She included 3 fluer de lis soaps in different scents.  Sooo nice!





On a side note, I had to include a picture of my pup Cash who made a cameo appearance while I was taking pictures, hehe.


In the end, I was so happy with my purchase, not to mention my jar looks great!  All I have to do is make a little tag that says “Eat Me” to hang around the lid.  Although i’m considering, also adding a sign that says “Don’t Use”, haha!  Maybe that’s a  little too much, right, LOL? I think my guests have proper etiquette to not use the decorative soap ( I hope).


Let me know what you think of my jar outcome!

Until next time, I bid Adieu!


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