Stalking Weekly

I’m a little late on my weekly roundup, but it has been a hectic week with doctor visits and school work.  Nonetheless, I wanted to share what we have been stalking this week!

1. French Music

Lately, I have been in a French mood.  I’ve never been to France, but it’s a definite on my to do list.  So for now I have been on a French music kick.  I’m currently rockin’ some Brigitte Bardot.

2.  Gemma Correll’s Tumblr

This cartoonist, writer, and illustrator has been bringing a smile to my  face on a weekly basis with her cute and funny illustrations.  If you are looking for a quick pick me up, check her Tumblr or blog out.  She will turn your frown upside down 🙂


3.  Chanel Headphones

Yes, it’s happening! Chanel & Monster teamed up to make some quilted Chanel headphones and I’m obsessed (let’s be hones, they had me at “Chanel”)!   I probably won’t be able to afford them, but a girl can dream to have it’s lovely softness caressing her ears as she is listening to some French music of course!


4. Doggie Yoga

So apparently doggie yoga is the latest trend, and I’m so close to trying it.  I know it might sound silly, but how cute would it be bringing your pup to yoga class or in my case Youtube-ing  it and following along in the privacy of my own home, hehe. I’m sure my Cash would love it!



Cash not amused with doggie yoga! LOL!

5. This Week’s Mantra

I read an interview on society icon Lynn Wyatt where she defined her personal style as, “Class with a dash of sass but never trash.”  I think I fell in love with her at that moment.  I thought her answer was so brilliant, I had to adopt it as my own  forever fashion mantra.  Thank you Lynn for your wise words.


What are were you stalking this past week?



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