A Diva + An Heiress + Adam Levine’s Ex = The Face


I’ve always felt that if I wasn’t born being me, I totally would have been a model.   Imagine being flown around on private jets, getting free merch and rubbing elbows with dukes and princes! I mean what’s not to love? Unfortunately, I love food and my body way too much for that to happen. So what’s the next best thing? Living vicariously through them…duh!

When I was younger, I was addicted to America’s Next Top Model, but now that I’m older (not too old of course), I stopped watching. I felt like Tyra was too nice, you know she secretly wants to tell the girls, “listen bitch, you’re not me so pack up your shit and go home.” No disrespect to Ty of course because if it weren’t for her, I’d still be paying for lemonade and ice cream!


Anyways, the  other day my friend was talking about how she wanted to dye her hair, but she didn’t know what color. So, we did a bunch of research and came across Lydia Hearst’s new color (which, I’m in LOVE with) and that’s when it hit me that she’s on THE FACE, which I’ve been meaning to watch. I felt like this was a sign from God because after programming it in my DVR, I sat down to watch it and it has now become my NEW obsession.


It’s insanely brilliant.!  Naomi Campbell makes being a bitch so chic, it’s ridic, “oh yay! Honey, you got one!” I’m just waiting for Anne V to slap her!


Team Naomi: Perfection.


Team Anne: I don’t even know what to think after she put up her BEST model for elimination.


Team Lydia: Hmm…she might surprise me even though everyone on her team looks like a bunch of Barbizon drop outs.


Tune in on Wednesdays at 10pm/9c on Oxygen to find out !

What team will you be on?



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