Be a Guest at our Link Party!


Hello Fellow Bloggers!

We are excited to announce that will be hosting our first ever Link Party!  And guess what, you are all our guests!

What is a link party you ask?

Well, it’s a wonderful way to network and connect with other bloggers by showcasing one of your blog posts.  It will help you discover new bloggers, and possibly gain new followers!  Isn’t that awesome!?!

Beginning Saturday, March 22nd, you will have chance to showcase a blog post related to a theme.  The theme for this Link Party is…drum roll, please…..”Fashion & Beauty Spring Essentials“!

What does that mean?

I know most of you have wonderful ideas on fashion and beauty trends, and we would love for you to share a post that you have already written or would like to write that pertains to what you consider this seasons Spring essentials in fashion,beauty, or both.

How Do You Participate?

It’s really very simple.  We will be posting up a blog post titled “Link Party: Stalking Spring Essentials” where there will be a link button that you can enter your post information.  Once you fill out the information, it will appear on our blog post which will be viewed by any visitors we get.  You can also share it with your own followers or invite others to join the party (the more the merrier)!

We really hope that you can all participate! We think it’s a perfect opportunity to let others know about you, collaborate, and share all your wonderful talented work.

Leave us a comment if you think you will make it to our party! We would love to have you as our guest 🙂



5 thoughts on “Be a Guest at our Link Party!

    • Oohh yaay! We can’t wait! We will be posting up reminders during the week and then Saturday is the official party day! Mark it on your calendar, hehe 🙂 you can also provide us ur email so we can send you a friendly reminder. We are so excited that you’ll be joining us!

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