Stalking Weekly


Hello Beauties!

It’s time for our weekly roundup of things and people we are obsessed with this week!

1. Frozen Grapes!!!!

I simply can’t get enough of this delicious and healthy snack.  It’s so easy to do too!  Just grab a bunch of grapes, wash them, dry them, put them in a zip lock baggy, and freeze.  My favorite are red seedless grapes, and I usually like to divide them up to make about 4 bags worth so I can snack throughout the week.  It’s a great alternative to eating chips which used to be my to go snack (I know, don’t judge me!).


2. EOS Hand Lotion

EOS is my everyday to go lip balm.  So when I saw the hand lotion during my checkout at Target this week, I just had to make the impulse buy.  It was pink, cute, and smells of berry blossom.   It’s a definite daily on-the-go lotion to have in your purse. $2 @ Target


Image Via: This Was Forever 

3. Lydia Hearst’s Red Hair

We are really into Lydia Hearst’s red hair.  She looks amazing in it!  Every time we watch her on The Face, we fall more in love with the color.  We even convinced one of our mutual friends to dye her hair red.  All we know is that she is going to the salon with the supermodels picture, and saying, “give me this look”.  Red is the new blonde!


Image Via: Getty Images

4. Lindsay Lohan’s Docu-Series

Yes, it has finally happened! Lindsay’s long awaited docu-series premiered on Oprah’s Own Network Sunday night, and we were there to watch it.  And let us tell you, it looks like a possible train wreck might happen.   Wasn’t feeling her diva-like behavior, and felt bad for her assistant (who looked like he was trying SO hard not to sigh and roll his eyes every time he interacted with her).  But we have faith in Oprah so we’ll keep on watching.

OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network

Image Via: Entertainment Weekly

5. Bag Fashion Vocabulary

Okay, so this is the best tip sheet on the names of purses that are out there.  I think I might just print it out and carry it in my wallet to refer to it.  I prefer a minaudiere over a clutch (oooh, sounds so fancy).


Image Via: Favorlista  

Hope you enjoyed our list!

What are you stalking this week?



4 thoughts on “Stalking Weekly

  1. Love this, ladies!! I’m obsessed with EOS lip balms, but need to try the lotion! Every time I’m at the store, I have talk myself out of buying about 20 items that I “maybe don’t need” after all. LOL! xo ladies

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