Birthday S’Mores


This year instead of the traditional cake for my birthday, my brother looked up places we could go for dessert after dinner.

Since we were in the Montebello area, he remembered that one of his friends had mentioned a place called Snowopolis where you could build your own s’mores.  Of course he had me at “s’mores”.  I dragged my mom, aunt, hubby, and brother on a mission to get our s’more on!

The place is located inside an unassuming outdoor shopping center next to an AMC movie theater.  It kind of resembled a Yogurtland with IKEA furniture.  They have a corner couch w/ chairs you can lounge on.  The rest of the small dessert shop is furnished with light-up tables, bar stools, & some lounge chairs.  If you look up toward the ceiling, it is full of dangling multicolored lights.


We went on a Sunday, it was pretty packed, and they only had 2 people working that day.   It was hard to get a table, but we managed to get one in the end.  My mom and aunt opted for the Hawaiian Shave Ice, and the rest of us had the s’mores.

Their s’more deal is great!  You can either get 2 people ($6.99) or 4 people ($12.25) table side s’mores.  Each person gets to choose the type of chocolate, cracker, topping, & marshmallow they want.  We chose the classic Hershey’s (Dark & Milk), Nestle Crunch, and Reese’s Cups chocolates. For our crackers, we picked plain graham, got regular & vanilla marshmallows, and went with the strawberry jam/whipped cream/caramel/Nutella toppings.


Menu of all their options!


Our table side S’more creation station!

It was sooo delicious and fun! We loved how we could roast s’mores at our table, but then started thinking of the potential liabilities this place could have (like catching your hair on fire trying to look cute while eating a s’more, haha, j/k) . I will say also that it’s more like enough for 3 than for 4, but who can complain at these prices for marshmallowy magic?


Making a birthday wish on the marshmallow!

Overall, it was a great alternative to birthday cake or camping in the great outdoors.   Instead of blowing out candles, I got to blow out a marshmallow!  Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that they have pretty bumpin’ music that makes you dance in your chair as your mouth is full of chocolate.  Why camp when you can club? If that combination doesn’t make you feel good, I don’t know what would, hehehe.


The piece de resistance



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