Crafting For A Cause

Last month, I came across a crafty Instagramer by the name of Leftylex.  She was making embroidered crafts to help raise money towards the adoption of her soon-to-be son named Kai.

I was so inspired and touched by her story, that I just had to purchase one of her beautiful necklaces that she made.


It was simply adorable! It came in a pink chiffon drawstring bag.  The best part was the picture of Kai that was included thanking you for helping them towards their adoption goal.


I recently checked to see if they met their $,5000 goal on, and I found out that they did!  Although, they still need to raise more.  So if you are interested in donating for a great cause, please visit You Caring to help bring Kai home.  You can give as little as $5, and your name will be put on a puzzle piece that will be placed in Kai’s room.  You can also check out mom-to-be Alexcis Melendez on Instagram to see what new crafts she’s making to help her with the total goal.



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