Weekly Treasures

I’m trying to do my weekly finds posts on Saturdays, but since it was Oscar weekend, I got Oscared away in all the hoopla, and I put it off until today.

Nevertheless, I still wanted to share my week of treasures with ya’ll.

1. Have you ever wondered what colors look good on you?  I found this really cool info-graphic from Tips Builder that provides a solution to that age old dilemma.


2.  I love sparkly stuff! What glitters is gold to me. When I came across this website called The Glitter Guide, I was on it like glue especially their ideas on how to throw a glitter party!!!!


Images Via: The Glitter Guide
3.   I dream of having cake & chocolate artist extrodaniare, Karen Portaleo, make my birthday cake one day!  They are simply dreamy, delicate, and gorgeous.
Images Via: Karen Portaleo

4. Got myself a brand new pair of shoes!  I saw these Xhilaration Rhinestone Oxfords in blush at Target, but they didn’t have them in my size, so I ordered them online.  I even got to save some money because it turns out they were on sale exclusively online ($15), score! Now my feet can feel sparkly satisfaction 🙂 Org. Price $20


5.   Received this beautiful necklace that my hunny completely surprised me with from my one of my favorite jewelers Alisa Michelle.  I just love her dainty stamped jewels, and charms.  Besides their wonderful treasures, they are so friendly and have great customer service.  That’s why I love her shop even more!


What treasures did you find this week?



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