It’s Oscar’s Day!

It’s Oscar day and you know what that means….

You get to place bets on who’s going to win, lose, wear the best dress, and give the greatest speech.

I know, I know sometimes this awards show can drag and give a case of the yawn…zzzzzz, but it’s worth watching just for the red carpet looks of who’s wearing who or who’s doing who.

We wanted to celebrate this day, by giving you our Oscar pick predictions, and a cute little interactive game of choosing who has the best “fill in the blank”.  We hope that you will download our list and play along, then we’ll take a poll the following day, and see who won!

But first things first, here are our predicted Oscar winners…..


If you want a clean version to use, click here: oscarballot

Okay, so now for our game! We created this nifty Stalking Beauty’s “The Oscars Best Dressed List 2014” ballot, and we would love for you to join us in deciding who wore it best.


You can download the PDF version to print here: SB Best Dressed List 

Remember to cast your official ballot vote the following day, on our new blog post, so we can tally up your votes & announce the winners!

Hopefully all the stars “make it work” on that red rug, and we hope you have fun on this golden statue day!



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