The Perfect Lip Crime

Kat Dennings’ lips are perfectly criminal!

kat dennings

Via: Kat Dennings Instagram

So criminal that I needed to know her secret, and found out she likes to wear Lime Crime’s Velvetine liquid-to-matte lip stain!


Via: Lime Crime Tumblr

Which meant that I had to find out just how good these lip stains are.  I went on the Lime Crime website, and I instantly fell in love with their whimsical design of unicorns & hot colors!  It’s kinda like a mashup between Clueless and Urban Outfitters.  The best part is that their products are vegan & cruelty free.


Via: Lime Crime

I ordered the red & pink Velvetines to start with.  They had really cool nail polishes, but they were sold out completely, so maybe next time. When I received my velvety smackers, they came in a really cute package with unicorns, pink polka dots, and green tissue with a  lip sticker.  I really liked their attention to detail with it, and how carefully they had wrapped them inside.


I put them on right away!  It’s exactly what the product description says.  It’s liquidy and shiny at first, but it automatically mattes up in a matter of seconds.  It lasts super long ( I dare almost say all day long) which is great because I always have trouble with lipsticks or lip glosses coming off right away.  I was so enamored with them that I went to sleep with my lips done and woke up with smoochable perfection.


Via: Lime Crime

I think I found my forever lipstick!!



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