Confessions W/ Ellie: Spending Habits


Carrie Bradshaw once said, “I like my money right where I can see it…in my closet.” Even though I firmly believe that one should never discuss religion, politics or money I shall place my beliefs on hold and dissert.

Sex and the City 2

In class, we were asked to keep a record of our spending from January 19th to February 15th and based on the information recorded, one might assume that I have a tendency to overspend. The data shows that most of my money was spent on clothing and shoes, which I will not argue because my personal motto has always been, “If I’m not going to be a surgeon, then I need to marry one.” Does that mean I have to break the bank to dress amazing? No, of course not! It’s all about mixing highs and lows, like for example, I love wearing vintage pieces mixed with designer denim and scarves. It’s important to keep a budget or else one might end up like Lindsay Lohan (with a closet full of Chanel and nothing in the bank).


Speaking of… while the chart I completed illustrates my overspending, it also shows that I have a zero balance in my savings! Gasps! Believe me, I am ashamed to even admit it, but I figure somebody’s bound to leave me an inheritance or something, right?

Although I was pleasantly surprised that my school expenses were pretty low, my transportation school expense is high. Ever since I moved to Studio City, I waste so much money on gas it’s ridiculous. That’s mainly the reason why I want to move back to Pasadena.  But it also depends on what University I transfer too and which one of my friends will want to move in with me.

Reflecting on my spending habits, I wish I could say something profound, like, “even if Barneys had an eighty percent off sale, I would resist the urge to buy” but I just can’t.  I will say this, I promise to save! When I saw the pie chart (which btw was my favorite because it’s easy to read), it made me realize that I shouldn’t transfer the automatic monthly savings deduction at a minute’s notice. Who knows, by June I might even have $150 in my savings!

Or not…

Paris Hilton And Mugsy Practically Clean Out Fred Segal!




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