I often refer to Valentine’s Day as Netflix Day, because when most people are out wining and dining with their honeys, I pig out and watch a marathon of movies. For those of you reading, please don’t feel bad, because when it’s all over, I go back to my life of fine dining and a long list of suitors! The truth is, I’ve never been a fan of this  hormone heart driven holiday.

I personally believe that I should get tokens of love everyday not just on one day, duh! So if you’re like me or just waiting at home for some guy to text, you might as well give yourself a mani and something good to watch.

Annex - Monroe, Marilyn (How to Marry a Millionaire)_02

How To Marry A Millionaire (1953).

Three models rent a penthouse apartment in hopes of each landing a millionaire!! If that doesn’t catch your eye, I don’t know what else will! A must watch for all those smart girls waiting for the perfect man (because let’s face it, he’s not perfect unless there’s millions in his bank).


Life Happens (2011).

Now this is what happens when you don’t look for Mr. Big Bucks: he hits it, quits it, and nine months later, you end up raising a baby with  the help of your roommates.  I guarantee it’ll have you laughing hysterically and thinking twice about sleeping with just some guy.


Slightly Single in LA (2013).

Okay, this is a must watch for all my LA girls. The movie itself is nothing great but if you’ve ever had a hard time dating in the land of plastic, you’ll know exactly how to relate.


Stuck in Love (2012).

I’m so shocked this movie didn’t get a wide release because it’s actually really good. It follows the story of a family going through the various  phases one can encounter when in love. ::Spoiler Alert:: It’ll have you falling head over heels with Logan Lerman (which, if you’re reading this, call me).

frances ha

Frances Ha (2012).

 Just watch it.


Just Like a Woman (2012).

This movie is highly recommended for feminists, it’s a  modern Thelma and Louise story without Brad Pitt and a tragic finale.


A Royal Affair (2012).

I loved this movie so much that I even started dating a Danish guy just so he could translate the whole movie for me, scene for scene.  If you like period pieces that include love and tragedy than this is for you.


Last Night (2010).

Ohh, let me tell you, this movie had me talking for days. So did he? Did they? Did she? If you’ve ever lost someone you’ve loved and then out of the blue you meet again, do you just leave the man you’re living with or stay with him?? Well, we ALL know what I would do…


All The Boys Love Mandy Lane (2006).

Sure, the title is Vanessa Paradis’ tragic reality but all the boys really do love Amber Heard Mandy Lane, and some, are even willing to kill for her. I get it, some people don’t like RomComs, tragedies, or feel good movies and that’s why there’s horror. Granted, it’s full of cliches but the twist ending is something I didn’t see coming.


Fatal Attraction (1987).

Hey, it can happen to anyone, but how you handle  it is completely up to you.

You sleep with a guy and then find out he’s married.  Do you..

A) get in your car, buy ice cream and then cry about it


B) get in your car, stalk him, and try to kill him?




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