Valentine’s Day Friendship Gifts

Oh, Valentine’s Day how we can sometimes have a bittersweet relationship with you!

I remember that before I had a significant other, my friends were always the recipients of VDay gifts!  We would get together and exchange gifts that would make us feel loved & special.  After all, isn’t it also the holiday of friendship?  So before you say, “I don’t have someone to give to” just remember that you can encourage a special friend or family member on Valentine’s Day.  They will feel appreciated & loved with your surprise gift on the day of love & friendship.

With that being said, here is our roundup for gifts of Amor de Amistad…



1. Find It in Everything Photographs by Drew Barrymore $11

2. Looksy Open Heart Ring  $22

3. Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush  $30

4. Mason Jar Measuring Cups  $13

5. NCLA Heart Attack nail polish $16

6. Chanel Fire Nail Polish iPhone Case $25

7. Swatch Sweet Valentine watch $80

8. Kissing Elixirs Fresh Breath Mist $10

9. Sweetly Sipping Tea Set $35

10. Nasty Gal Clear Out Shoulder Bag $40




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