Our Week of Stalking Beauty


This week was full of fun & exciting things for us, and we wanted to share some of our favorite moments of beauty with you!

1. Austenland

O, Jane Austen my Austen! We are both avid fans of Miss Austen.  I went to visit my brother this past weekend, and when we finally had a break from doing homework and writing papers, we gave ourselves a treat to finally watch Austenland.  I cannot express how great this movie is especially if you are into romantic comedies like we are.  Imagine being able to pay to be transported to a place where you are reliving Pride & Prejudice.  Sign me up! If you are an Austen lover, you will definitely love this movie full of wit, humor, and most importantly Romance.

2. The Getty


We had a chance to sneak out and visit The Getty for some awe and inspiration.  Every time we go, we wish we could just move in and live there.

3. TFIOS Movie Trailer

The Fault In Our Stars movie trailer came out this past week, and that was super exciting for us because we both looovvee the book.  If you haven’t read the book by John Green, please go out and do so because it is simply the best.  My brother and I watched the movie trailer together and practically almost cried. We can’t wait for the summer to finally get to watch it.

4. Trendy Doodles


Images Via: Trendy Doodles 

My brother discovered this artist that doodles the cutest, prettiest, & daintiest art.  Cyrielle is  the name of the artist, and she has tumblr called Trendy Doodles featuring her latest work of “fashion, lifestyle, & Pop Culture illustrations”.  She is definitely on our “To Do” list for getting our portraits done by her.  She charges $30 for personal portraits and will electronically mail them to you or snail mail them for an additional  shipping cost.

5. How to Pronounce Designer Names 101

Image Via: Bazaar 

Have you ever mispronounced designer names? I know we have, well more like I have and my brother always corrects me. Bazaar online did a genius thing by creating a cheat sheet to teach us normal people how to correctly pronounce 44 fashion designer names.

What were some of your favorite moments of beauty this  past week?



5 thoughts on “Our Week of Stalking Beauty

  1. I am so going to watch Austinland with my kids. (That is if they can fit me in their busy college schedules!) You both are simply adorable! You remind me of my two. They are brother and sister and are quiet the team! ✿ Here’s to an amazing week you two! 😉

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