Luscious Lashes

Hi Beauties!

I did some research and (since I’m a visual learner) I complied the best tips I found in this little cheat sheet I created to help you with those luscious lashes that you’ve always desired.


1. Conditioning your lashes with Vaseline or petroleum jelly before you go to sleep apparently helps your lashes grow stronger and healthier.

2. It is super important to curl your lashes before applying mascara.  Do Not, I repeat, DO NOT curl your lashes after you apply mascara because it causes pulling resulting in lash breakage. Bling Eyelash Curler  $1.49

3. You always have the option of  priming your lashes before you put on mascara.  If your lashes are weaker or thinner it is recommended to prime, but if you do not have that issue, then there is no need to.  Smashbox Layer Lash Primer $18

4. Before applying mascara, make sure to blot your wand on a tissue.  This helps get rid of extra product and prevent your lashes from clumping and looking like spider lashes (unless you are going for that look of course).

5. If your mascara doesn’t bend, you can carefully blend it at a 90 degree angle to help get those inner, lower lashes, & the base.  Quick Tip: use a zip lock bag or face towel to wrap around the wand so your hands won’t get dirty

6. Remember not to pump your wand in the mascara tube.  Instead swirl the wand and take it out slowly from the tube. This prevents your mascara from drying out and lasting longer.

7. When applying mascara, make sure to start from the base and wiggle back & forth towards the front (kinda like zigzig).

8. Finally comb your lashes after each application to get that nice flowy lashful effect.  Sephora Eyelash Comb $10

Tips for Perfect Lashes

PDF Print Out


6 thoughts on “Luscious Lashes

  1. Never heard of the Vaseline tip. My eyelids are so dry (from too much makeup? Lotion too drying? I don’t know) so I think I’m on a no eye makeup regimen this weekend. They almost feel sunburned! 😦

    • I hate when that happens. I actually get watery eyes a lot especially after I use makeup a lot. I usually try to lay off makeup for a while and just do a simple mascara, blush, and lips look until I get better.
      We never heard of the vaseline either, but we researched it and tried it and it does some to help.
      Let us know what you think if you try it as well 🙂
      Hope your eyelids feel better. Oh another trick for tired eyes and eyelids is Chamomile tea. If you drink tea, just simply wait for the tea bags to cool off and then place them on your eyes. It will refresh them!

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