The Gratitude Attitude

Fellow Beauties,

We are filled with gratitude in getting to know all of you that follow and comment on our blog.  Our hearts are filled with thankfulness for all your kind words, support, and encouragement.  We could not continue this blog without you all!  We have gotten to make new friends and know new people which we are so ever grateful for.

Our lovely blogger friend RubyAngel711 nominated us for The Liebster Award, and we are ever so thankful.  She has been so supportive and always leaves us encouraging comments on our blog posts!


We invite you to get to us know us better by checking out our ABOUT US page that we recently updated!

We also wanted to nominate the following bloggers for The Liebster Award:

1. Classy in Class

2. Beauty Adoration 

3.  A Little Bit of Girl Geekery

4. Apartment Wife

5. Simply Cydney 

6. Llewsoba 

7. Take by the Lapels 

8. Poutine and Prada

9. The Style Trenches

10. Yours Truly, G

Every single one of you guys are awesome!


7 thoughts on “The Gratitude Attitude

  1. Oh my gosh, you made my day! I got nominated about 2 days ago and did the challenge. But it was so nice of you to think of my blog! Can I just give you a big huge shout out on my next post!? ❤

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