Found Beauties That Are Worth Stalking

Hi there, Beauties!

I’m excited to share with you my latest finds worth stalking for the first week of the new year!

1. Julep Essential Cuticle Oil

Can’t stop using this on my nails every time I do an at home mani! It’s definitely one of new favorite finds and it smells nice too!

2014-01-05 23.19.56

Where to buy: Julep Essential Cuticle Oil 

2. Malin & Goetz & TokoyoMilk

When you’re feeling down and a want to feel like a million bucks just use TokoyoMilk Everything & Nothing No.10 hand cream and Malin & Goetz Rum Bar Soap.  They will make you feel luxurious and leave you smelling good. It’s a must add to your glam essentials!


Where to Buy: TokyoMilk Hand Cream & Malin + Goetz Soap

3. Mac Sweet Succulence Lipstick w/ MAC Currant Lip Pencil

Had to share my signature lip color for the winter.  It’s my homage to the goth 90’s.  Seriously though, it’s a beautiful deep rich red color that goes perfectly with any winter wear.


Where to buy: Mac Sweet Succulence & Currant Lip Pencil 

4. Alice + Olivia Starbucks Double Wall Ceramic Mug & Starbucks Alice + Olivia Holiday Bearista

When these two fashionable lovelies were out, I rushed to my local Starbucks to snatch one of each.  They are simply too cute for words.  Of course, I don’t actually use the mug, instead it’s serving it’s purpose as my new shelf decoration above my desk along with the Bearista!


Where to Buy: Ceramic Mug & Bearista 

5. The Trophy Wife

During the holidays, I discovered the show The Trophy Wife.  It’s an ABC show, but I caught it streaming on Hulu.   It stars Malin Ackerman who we think is simply cute and adorable.  The show is a quirky comedy about a “trophy wife” who has to deal with her husband’s 2 ex-wives and three kids. It’s a must ICYMI watch! Trust me the pilot will hook you.

Where to Watch Full episodes: Hulu


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