Hello Kitty’s Newest Drink

I’m not a beer drinker, but I am a Hello Kitty lover!

Yes, yes, I know I’m well passed the age of liking HK (it’s sounds more adult like), but I’m still young at heart, dammit!

Anyway, I stumbled upon the latest Kitty invention.  Beer.  That’s right, Beer! And well why not? They have champ (aka: champagne) and wine so the next logical reason would be to make a frothy fruit flavored adult drink. Don’t you think?



 The only problem is that it is only available in China (wahwah), and they have no plans to bring it to America.

But I know that the day I wake up and have that sudden urge to pass a cold one, I will know that it’s because it’s here!

So until then, I will continue breaking out my wine glasses and clinking to stay young at heart.



Via HuffPost Taste

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