Found Beauties That are Worth Stalking

I’m always on the prowl looking for cool & interesting things for my home, my friends & family, and of course myself!

Here are my weekly picks

Cavallini Vintage Cats/Dogs Weekly Planner

cavallini planners

I’m all about vintage! and who could resist looking at lovely cats or dogs when your scheduling that weekly latte hangout with your friend.  I have to get my hands on this little pretty.  What’s best about it is that it’s only $12.50 @ Vickerey!  You can’t beat that for a planner!

Alice Hand Towels

2013-12-17 14.38.15

I been slowly trying to put my Alice in Wonderland themed bathroom together, and I was searching high and low for some towels that would make a perfect match.  After I gave up looking in stores, I took to Etsy because they have all rarities under the sun and moon.  I found a lovely gem called Harmonie Living who do amazing hand towels.  I messaged the artist about my dilemma and she created these wonderful towels exclusively for moi! So whether you’re looking for some cool whimsical hand towels to decorate for you or someone else, you must try them out.  They have great prices too!


I’m a sucker for romantic foreign movies, and I came across this magical french movie that’s set in the late 50’s.  It will simply put you in a good mood and make you believe in love all over again.  It’s streaming on Netflix right now! 

Hope you liked my finds as much as I!


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