The Holy Ground of Coffee

If you happen to live or visit L.A and are always on the prowl to find a place that has great coffee and will bring some OM into your life, then I have the perfect place for you!

I recently took a field trip with my other half of Stalking Beauty, to a hidden gem called Holy Grounds Coffee & Tea.  This place is located right between the city El Sereno and Alhambra   It was a little tricky to find at first, but believe me, you know you’ve arrived when you see the big skeleton on top of its rooftop.


If that doesn’t catch  your attention, then just enter their patio and be prepared to be transported to your home away from home.  It’s like the perfect little backyard full of charm and magical solace.  It’s a lovely place to unwind with a book  or contemplate on life as you watch the water drip down onto the pebbles and rocks in the fountain that’s centered in the middle of the patio.  The yard is also full of trees and colorful plants, and if you walk towards the stairs, you will encounter a quaint stone fireplace with more seating.




 Of course, apart from it’s beautiful yard, there is also the delicious coffee and tea you can enjoy.   You must try one of their signature drinks the Juan,Two,Three ( a mixture of café de olla, coconut milk, and caramel) along with a piece of coffee cake from Homeboy Industries that’s served on a cultural religious plate like the Virgin Mary or The Last Supper.  It’s simply to die for.


So sit back, relax, and enjoy its Hip, Chic, Culture at Holy Grounds !

2013-11-19 15.59.36


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