2013 Holiday Gift Guide

When it comes to Christmas shopping, it can either go one of two ways: A) I end up over spending and getting crap in return, or B) I end up spending my entire budget on myself.  Which is why I have now decided to make a gift guide for those special people in my life. Not only does it make shopping easier but it steers clear of wrongdoings, like buying clothes (trust me,  I’ve learned not to gift clothes, I’ve insulted way too many people that way, like when your friend  thinks she’s a Medium but she’s really an Extra Large.)  So now I just make a list and a brief evaluation of our relationship and its worth to guide me on what to buy.


Person’s Name: Lynn

Type of Relationship: Friendship…I think?

Pros/Cons: Secretly Jealous of me, Tips well, Carries Italian Leather but wears Chinese fabrics, Avoids my calls while at work (seriously, who does that?)

Gift History: Approx spends $50-60 on gifts (excluding the time she stuffed a bunch of $5 DVDs in a bag and called it a “gift”).

Total: $80 but looks like $200 (you always want to give a better gift than you receive, that way, the individual feels guilty afterwards and treats you to lunch somewhere nice).


Where To Buy:

 Mojito Soap Set by Malin +Goetz (You can never go wrong adding these to any gift basket) @ Malin + Goetz.

Caligna by L’Artisan (This scent makes the perfect gift for any female in your life). @L’artisan

 “Sleeping Mouse” Slippers by Marc Jacobs( Great for a sister or best friend) @ Saks 5th Ave.

Vintage Chestnut Briefcase By Ghurka (for the CEO in your life) @ Ghurka.

The Eye Concentrate by La Mer (for the youthfully obsessed) @ Neiman Marcus.

Mach One Sunglasses by Dita (for the stylishly chic) @Dita

Sofia Candle by Tocca (for those last minute guests) @ Barney’s New York.

Monopoly’s Walking Dead Edition (for the geek chic) @ Toy Country

The “42-20” Chrono Watch by Nikon (for Dad or older brother) @ Nordstrom.

Joey the Wolf Fedora by Goorin (for the fashionable male) @ Goorin.

 Panda Faux Fur Wallet (for the Vegan)  @ Toddland.

Jane Austen Puzzle (for the hopleless romantic) @ Amazon.

The John Green Collection (for the bookworm) @Bookworm


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