Picks to Prepare you for the Winter

Winter is Coming!!!

I have this beautiful snake charmer necklace/belt that I picked up from Avon that I have wanted to break out and debut, but I didn’t know what to match it up with.  Since it’s getting increasingly Brrr…out here in no man’s land California, I decided it was finally time to delve into my stored winter wear stash.  I mean what a better way to welcome winter, than to dig through my toasty clothes and find forgotten treasures to match up to new ones!

In my finds, not only was able to put together a fun outfit that matched my new statement necklace, but it gave me inspiration to redefine my holiday wardrobe for the entire season.

But before I get into all that, here is what I came up with to add charm to my snake:


1. You can never go wrong with a pair of boot leg jeans during this time $68.50 @ Torrid

2. I’m obsessed with skulls, so it isn’t a surprise I paired my cozy cardigan with this Tunic TankTop $38.50 @ Torrid

3. I found the cozy cardigan over at Kmart which was a great steal (who knew they had cute clothes) $23.09 @Kmart Jaclyn Smith Collection

4. I paired the look with a jeweled knitted beret that I found at Ross for like five bucks, but since I couldn’t find a direct link the actual one I have, I found this cool handmade one from an Etsy shop! $31 from MarkadecorPremium shop

5. And finally the pièce de résistance, Avon’s Snake Charmer Necklace/Belt which you can also use as a bracelet $26 Avon’s Mark Collection


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