The Fault In Our Stars: Rediscovering the Seventeen Year Old in Me With John Green


It made me laugh, cry and go through the Five Stages of Grief all in the same day, and I would read it again in a heartbeat.

Although my age is way past the Young Adult audience it’s targeted for, I couldn’t help but pick it up and let it take me on its complex emotional and philosophical journey.  Talking about the Big C is not an easy thing to do, or tackling the concepts of death and God.  I mean if adults are constantly running and hiding from the shadow of death, who wants to think about death when you’re a teen, right? Oh but John Green did it in such an eloquent and humorous way, that he reminded me of being seventeen again and how I loved to discuss issues such as these with my peers.  So why is it that as an adult now I have joined the pack to hide? Perhaps because as you get older, death becomes more real as opposed to when you’re seventeen and invincible or insulated from life, but the reality is that death does not discriminate by age or really anything else.  Therefore, this book is not only just for young adults, but for anyone out there who believes in the power of love.  I know I might sound cheesy but it’s true.

In the end, not only did I find a new book I love to add to my collection right in between I know Why the Caged Bird Sings and Catcher in the Rye, but I also developed a small crush on John Green.  I even think my husband is getting a little jelly of my unnatural obsession with playing nonstop Vlogbrothers videos on Youtube because I can’t get enough of him and his adorable brother Hank discussing anything and everything under the sun with wit, charm, and intellect.  They have made me a Nerdfighter enthusiast and “Don’t Forget to be Awesome” follower!

So thank you Mr.Green for the beautiful gift of TFIOS (The Fault In Our Stars) and making me feel OKAY.

Can’t wait for the movie!


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