They Diss You a Merry Christmas


Proving that the Kardashians have lost sight of reality, they sent out their yearly Christmas card (because you know, the whole universe is begging to receive one from them) letting you know that they are so despicably rich.  In case you missed the message, the blinged out  gold dollar sign  vomiting a superfluous amount of gossip magazines along with the words “Cashier” and “ATM” might give you a hint.  Maybe the fact that they are alluding to being Egyptian pharaohs might give it away.  I think what really is disgusting is the lack of respect for their supporters (fans) and critics alike by implying that either way they are making money off of you.

 So thank you, Kardashians for bestowing your lovingly Fuck You Christmas card to the world and out Kanye-ing Kanye.


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