The Sweet Smell of Excess

Lancome’s Exclusive Le Vie est Belle

As much as I love smelling good, Lancome’s exclusive Le Vie est Belle reeks of excess.  I mean thank you France for inventing perfume, but I think I’ll stick to our modern day invention of taking  daily showers.

This $35,000 perfume comes in a Reuge musical box that plays Beautiful Days by Venus (which can be downloaded for 49¢ on iTunes) with a Baccarat crystal chandelier.  The whole thing is apparently so hard to assemble that Lancome is only making 15 of them worldwide.  Did I fail to mention that the perfume itself is only $58? So it’s not like you’ll be spritzing a teacher’s salary on your skin every time you go out or have diamonds on your face.

So before you whip out your Black Card and spend your 1% moola, here are 10 other things you can do with $35,000:

1. Fly first class roundtrip to Japan 10 times

Only in Japan, need I say more?

2. 500 regular bottles of Lancome’s  Le Vie est Belle

Life is Indeed Beautiful!

3. A Mercedes CLA


4. Sponsor 8  kids at 70¢ a day for 17 years


5. Catch a Cirque show in vegas 175 times

Simply the best!

6. Stay one night in the penthouse at the Four Seasons in New York


I bet it smells nice in there too!

7. Pay for wedding

Possible Dream Wedding!!?!

8. Adopt 140 cute puppies


9. Get  155,000 Chicken McNuggets


10. Save Your Money!!



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