52 Creative Ways to Watch a Yule Log Without a Fireplace


Don’t have a fireplace? No problem, you can still bring the Christmas cheer by visiting Yule Log 2.0 and pick one of their 52 creative Yule Log loops to pop on your computer or TV!  Obviously you don’t have to feel obligated to stick to just one, you can click on a different loop every 30 minutes if you so desire.  It’s guaranteed to make you feel all warm and toasty inside and possibly want to make some S’mores ( just remember to use the stove).

So take a peek or Yule be sorry!

My top 5  Yule Log 2.o picks are:

1. The toasting marshmallows (that’s what I called it because it has no name) by Michael Fuchs, Daniel Leyva, & Bianca Meier

2. TBD by Jerry Liu

3. Broke Ass Christmas by Seth Hulewat & Matt Delbridge

4. The Cabin in the Woods by Joe Russ

5. Yule Log by James Curran


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