Hello Kitty’s Newest Drink

I’m not a beer drinker, but I am a Hello Kitty lover!

Yes, yes, I know I’m well passed the age of liking HK (it’s sounds more adult like), but I’m still young at heart, dammit!

Anyway, I stumbled upon the latest Kitty invention.  Beer.  That’s right, Beer! And well why not? They have champ (aka: champagne) and wine so the next logical reason would be to make a frothy fruit flavored adult drink. Don’t you think?



 The only problem is that it is only available in China (wahwah), and they have no plans to bring it to America.

But I know that the day I wake up and have that sudden urge to pass a cold one, I will know that it’s because it’s here!

So until then, I will continue breaking out my wine glasses and clinking to stay young at heart.



Via HuffPost Taste

The New Year Golden Girl

The end of 2013 is here!

 So let’s get rid of all the bad and only focus on the new and good and what better way to do this than by glamming into the new year in Gold!

 Here is how:

I ravaged my closet in search of the perfect glamazon New Year’s outfit, and I dug up my vintage faux fur Torrid shrug that I bought a couple years ago.  I wanted a new dress, so I found this fun and flirty brocade dress at Lane Bryant to go with my shrug. I matched it up with some Easy Spirit flats because it’s all about being comfortable while looking great.  Jewels are the name of my game, so when I was given the Mark bracelet and ring as a Christmas gift, it was as though they were destined to be worn for this day.  The last thing on my agenda was finding the right clutch to store my valuables in, so I was ecstatic when I found this beautiful shiny golden metallic purse at Lucky Sensation to close out my outfit.


Just call me the Golden Girl!

What will you be wearing into the New Year?

Where to buy:

Frozen Will Melt Your Heart


It doesn’t matter if you’re 2 or 42 this movie is for you!

Frozen is the story of 2 sisters who are forcibly estranged by their parents out of fear and protection from one of their daughter’s magical powers to freeze things.

This Disney movie got me from the start with the heartfelt musical number “Do You Want to Build a Snowman“.  That song just simply melted my heart and made me reflect on the relationship I have with my sibling.

Although it has all the corny, silly stuff that makes a good kids movie, it can get pretty deep and make you contemplate the meaning of love.  The main message I took away was that love conquers all and that in order to do that we need to replace fear with love.

So before this year ends, set some time apart to let Frozen melt your heart, and…

Let Love Rule!

Find Your Unmentionable Sailor Moon


Throw away those holey underwear ladies because Japanese lingerie company Peach John will be selling the greatest invention in unmentionables to add to your wardrobe!

Yes, that’s right gals, introducing the Sailor Moon Bras & Panties Collection.   Allegedly it will retail for 50 bucks and will be available for purchase sometime in February 2014. Hopefully it will be out before Valentine’s Day so you can give that special someone a delicious treat. If not, let’s cross our fingers for Halloween!

Via: Incredible Things

Found Beauties That are Worth Stalking

I’m always on the prowl looking for cool & interesting things for my home, my friends & family, and of course myself!

Here are my weekly picks

Cavallini Vintage Cats/Dogs Weekly Planner

cavallini planners

I’m all about vintage! and who could resist looking at lovely cats or dogs when your scheduling that weekly latte hangout with your friend.  I have to get my hands on this little pretty.  What’s best about it is that it’s only $12.50 @ Vickerey!  You can’t beat that for a planner!

Alice Hand Towels

2013-12-17 14.38.15

I been slowly trying to put my Alice in Wonderland themed bathroom together, and I was searching high and low for some towels that would make a perfect match.  After I gave up looking in stores, I took to Etsy because they have all rarities under the sun and moon.  I found a lovely gem called Harmonie Living who do amazing hand towels.  I messaged the artist about my dilemma and she created these wonderful towels exclusively for moi! So whether you’re looking for some cool whimsical hand towels to decorate for you or someone else, you must try them out.  They have great prices too!


I’m a sucker for romantic foreign movies, and I came across this magical french movie that’s set in the late 50’s.  It will simply put you in a good mood and make you believe in love all over again.  It’s streaming on Netflix right now! 

Hope you liked my finds as much as I!

The Holy Ground of Coffee

If you happen to live or visit L.A and are always on the prowl to find a place that has great coffee and will bring some OM into your life, then I have the perfect place for you!

I recently took a field trip with my other half of Stalking Beauty, to a hidden gem called Holy Grounds Coffee & Tea.  This place is located right between the city El Sereno and Alhambra   It was a little tricky to find at first, but believe me, you know you’ve arrived when you see the big skeleton on top of its rooftop.


If that doesn’t catch  your attention, then just enter their patio and be prepared to be transported to your home away from home.  It’s like the perfect little backyard full of charm and magical solace.  It’s a lovely place to unwind with a book  or contemplate on life as you watch the water drip down onto the pebbles and rocks in the fountain that’s centered in the middle of the patio.  The yard is also full of trees and colorful plants, and if you walk towards the stairs, you will encounter a quaint stone fireplace with more seating.




 Of course, apart from it’s beautiful yard, there is also the delicious coffee and tea you can enjoy.   You must try one of their signature drinks the Juan,Two,Three ( a mixture of café de olla, coconut milk, and caramel) along with a piece of coffee cake from Homeboy Industries that’s served on a cultural religious plate like the Virgin Mary or The Last Supper.  It’s simply to die for.


So sit back, relax, and enjoy its Hip, Chic, Culture at Holy Grounds !

2013-11-19 15.59.36

2013 Holiday Gift Guide

When it comes to Christmas shopping, it can either go one of two ways: A) I end up over spending and getting crap in return, or B) I end up spending my entire budget on myself.  Which is why I have now decided to make a gift guide for those special people in my life. Not only does it make shopping easier but it steers clear of wrongdoings, like buying clothes (trust me,  I’ve learned not to gift clothes, I’ve insulted way too many people that way, like when your friend  thinks she’s a Medium but she’s really an Extra Large.)  So now I just make a list and a brief evaluation of our relationship and its worth to guide me on what to buy.


Person’s Name: Lynn

Type of Relationship: Friendship…I think?

Pros/Cons: Secretly Jealous of me, Tips well, Carries Italian Leather but wears Chinese fabrics, Avoids my calls while at work (seriously, who does that?)

Gift History: Approx spends $50-60 on gifts (excluding the time she stuffed a bunch of $5 DVDs in a bag and called it a “gift”).

Total: $80 but looks like $200 (you always want to give a better gift than you receive, that way, the individual feels guilty afterwards and treats you to lunch somewhere nice).


Where To Buy:

 Mojito Soap Set by Malin +Goetz (You can never go wrong adding these to any gift basket) @ Malin + Goetz.

Caligna by L’Artisan (This scent makes the perfect gift for any female in your life). @L’artisan

 “Sleeping Mouse” Slippers by Marc Jacobs( Great for a sister or best friend) @ Saks 5th Ave.

Vintage Chestnut Briefcase By Ghurka (for the CEO in your life) @ Ghurka.

The Eye Concentrate by La Mer (for the youthfully obsessed) @ Neiman Marcus.

Mach One Sunglasses by Dita (for the stylishly chic) @Dita

Sofia Candle by Tocca (for those last minute guests) @ Barney’s New York.

Monopoly’s Walking Dead Edition (for the geek chic) @ Toy Country

The “42-20” Chrono Watch by Nikon (for Dad or older brother) @ Nordstrom.

Joey the Wolf Fedora by Goorin (for the fashionable male) @ Goorin.

 Panda Faux Fur Wallet (for the Vegan)  @ Toddland.

Jane Austen Puzzle (for the hopleless romantic) @ Amazon.

The John Green Collection (for the bookworm) @Bookworm

The Elfie Selfie is Taking Over Your Holiday Season

That’s right world, the word Selfie is here to stay!
According to USA Today, it’s the word of the year, so what better way to commemorate its existence than to take pictures of yourself as an elf.
YES, an elf!
At least that’s what peeps are reportedly doing on Twitter and Instagram for this holiday season and hash tagging “ElfieSelfie“.
I took to the interwebs to find the best #ElfieSelfies, as of now, just to show you proof that I’m not making this up.

Here are the best ones so far:

A Real Life Elf on the Shelf

A Real Life Elf on the Shelf


Our Favorite ELF

Our Favorite ELF


The culprit who started it all!

The culprit who started it all!


The Gangsta Elfie Selfie

The Gangsta Elfie Selfie


An Elfie staying warm.

An Elfie staying warm.


The Perfect Elfie Selfie

The Perfect Elfie Selfie


The Funniest Elfie

The Funniest Elfie


The Classic Elfie

The Classic Elfie


The Quirkiest Elfies

The Quirkiest Elfies


The Smoochiest Elfie

The Smoochiest Elfie


What do you think? Should we make it a trend or is this the biggest disaster that will wrap up the year 2013?

Victorian Rules Need Not Apply


ATTENTION: Even though life is not a Jane Austen novel,  that doesn’t mean Mr.Darcy isn’t right around the corner.

When it comes to my love life, I don’t even know where to begin! This past year has been nothing but ups and downs on the roller coaster of love. I broke up with my ex, then moved on to the next but somewhere in between, I forgot to  take a rest.

 Recently, I met a guy whom I thought would be my soul mate (insert eye roll). He was tall, blonde, and handsome–oh and did I mention doctor?? So for the past couple of months, I was definitely feeling like one of Leo’s (Dicaprio) new pieces.

But of course, in my life, things never go as planned. And Apparently, I wasn’t the only one who was being swooned by Casanova.

So after some tequila shots and a night of laughter, I decided to do a little bit of soul searching and it went something like this:

Me: What’s wrong with me?

Elliott: Nothing! Well…actually, you’re kind of unapproachable. 


The Challenge:

Talk to a Guy YOU think is cute. Be the Aggressor.

The Result:

carygrant2 (1)

After days of pondering, I decided to stop living in sweats and went out.  While having lunch at one of my favorite spots, I ran into my first test subject (5’10, dirty blonde, with deep blue eyes).  Before I went for the kill, I downed some liquid courage (a lemoncello) and said hello.

20 minutes later, he was asking for my number.

The secret?

A little push from a drunk, some courage, and the ability to sass my way into yet another man’s heart…duh!


 On a serious note, I did ask for his number but when he paused, I suddenly felt myself slowly sinking into a dark abyss until he said, “I don’t want to give you my number, I want to be a gentleman and ask for your number.”


So listen up ladies (alternative included) sometimes you just have to take a chance on the unexpected.


Starbucks Beauty: 3 Heavenly Starbucks Discoveries

Starbucks_HeavenlyI recently made some revolutionary discoveries about Starbucks:

1. They love your dogs

Yes, that’s right Starbucks loves your dogs! They love them so much that they invented a free lovely drink for your little squee. It’s called a Puppuccino.   A Puppa what, you might ask? It’s the simpliest “drink” in the world, it’s just a big helping of whipped creme sprayed in a secret sized short cup.  Did I mention it’s FREE?!  Ever since I found out, our dogs have never been the same again at the drive -thru.  All in moderation, of course, since it’s like basically feeding sugar to your pup, but they adore it as a special treat.
*not all Starbucks or baristas offer it, but if you tell them what it is, they will gladly make it for your little friend.


2. They have a secret menu

Feeling adventurous? Well I have the perfect solution that’s right for you! Introducing the Starbucks’ Secret Menu.  If you go to this website, you will see all the wonderful concoctions that baristas have created for their customers.  My favorite of the bunch is the Lemon Cake Frappuccino.  So Pick your favorite, walk into your local shop, and ask for it.  The greatest thing about this hush menu is that it includes the recipe just in case they don’t know what you’re talking about.  But remember shhhh…it’s a secret.

3. You can tweet free fraps to your beloveds

In October of this year, Twitter and Starbucks joined magical forces to gift your loved ones drinks from anywhere.  All you have to do is have a twitter account, connect your twitter account to your Starbucks account, and write these magical words “@tweetacoffee to @NameofPerson”…..Voila, like a caffeinated bolt from the blue, your bestie has a free coffee on you that’s redeemable automatically using their phone! If that’s not marketing genius, I don’t know what is…

I hope I made your day just a little starry brighter!