Film Review: You’re Next

Last night, I hung out with one of my oldest friends in the book.  Every time we get together, it’s nothing but laughter and non-stop eating. After lounging around in the pool and making s’mores, we decided to end the night like old times, by going to the movies.  When we were younger, we used to always watch scary movies. Trust me, she’s the kind of person you want to watch a horror film with (I’m surprised we have never been kicked out of a theater for excessive talking).

Anyways, after hitting up Del Taco (I know, all class, right?) we made our way to the movies and prepared ourselves for 94 minutes of mindless fun.


You’re Next, starts off like any slasher flick–a couple has sex, they both die and then the main characters are introduced, pretty standard.  It reminded me a lot of The Strangers and Vacancy, especially because of the masks and location.


Initially, when I first saw the trailer, I asked myself, “how did this film get a theatrical release?”

But as the film progressed, it was a lot more clever than expected. Which, I kind of expected since writer, Simon Barrett and director, Adam Wingard both worked on VHS (which is also worth checking out). youre-next-simon-barrett-sharni-vinson-adam-wingard

There were jump scenes, comical elements, and a surprising turn in terms of genre rules (think The Last House on the Left).  Although, I will admit, I was left wanting more. Yes, I rooted for the female lead (Sharni Vinson) but I wanted more character development. Everything was briefly explained and wrapped up but then again, it’s a slasher film, what more could I expect?


You’ll either love it or hate it but if nothing else catches your eye this weekend, give it a shot.



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