The Red Badge of Courage: Hello Flo Subscription Care Package

I wish I had Hello Flo’s Gyno Counselor when I got my period for the first time! Life would have been much easier for me.  Instead of thinking that I was going to die, she would have told me that I earned my “Red Badge of Courage”, welcomed me to Gyno Camp, and given me sound advice of what it’s like having aunt flo.

Hello Flo is a new care package delivery service that sends just what you need for that time of the month.  What is great about it is that they will send it to you according to your cycle!  This monthly subscription box comes with tampons, night  time pads, pantiliners, and treats.  They have 3 different price ranges to choose from depending on your flo.


What’s even greater is that they made an empowering commercial targeting young girls having their first period.  Not only is this advertisement promoting girl power, but phrases such as, “It’s like santa for your vag” or “It’s like I’m Joan and their vag is my arc.” makes it witty, comical, and endearing.  The company will also be releasing a First Period Starter Kit in September of 2013 that in addition includes a “Get Ready Guide” for parents and girls, a canvas pouch, and a Feby Kit.

Hip Hip Hooray for Hello Flo’s new service!


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