Forever Young: 4 Face Masks that will Change your Life Under $10.


Today has been the fifth time a friend has complained about their skin. Now, I was going to hold out because let’s face it, I want to remain the hottest out of all my friends.  But then I thought, that’s going to happen regardless,  so I might as well share with you, what I shared with them.

I first discovered, The Face Shop five years ago. I remember I had to pick up my sister from work (in the mid-Wilshire area) and thought, “ugh, the traffic.” Since I absolutely hate traffic, I did the unthinkable, I arrived early! So, what does one do, when they are alone with time to kill? Shop, duh! At first,  I noticed that all the shops were in Japanese or Korean? Which made things a little harder but after awhile I totally felt like Scarlett Johansson in Lost in Translation (minus Bill Murray).  After browsing around and trying out a pastry (or six), I stumbled upon a beauty store, which from the moment I entered, I fell in love.

As always, I asked a billion questions (but as Oprah says, information is power) and so they recommended a couple of  face masks, which til this day, are the BEST ones I have ever tried (no offense to Lush).  Also, I want to let it be known, that I think Asian people in general, have GORGEOUS skin, so if it’s good enough for their skin, it’s good enough for mine.

real nature mask rice

1) Real Nature Mask Rice. This mask helps when your skin is feeling blah. Like, let’s say if you normally have a “glow” but it kinda goes away, well , this one totally helps revitalize and give you a pick me up.


2) Fresh Fruit Acelora Mask Sheet. The first time I used this one, I stole it from my sister. After that, I started buying it in bulk. This mask helps hydrate your skin, especially if it’s dry. I tend to use this more in the winter because I have combination skin.

real nature mask mung bean

3)Mung Bean Face Mask. This mask  helps if you have acne prone skin and it’s also great for your pores.  Around this time, I use this one often because of the season (yes, even the best skin types can breakout in the summer).

essential collagen mask sheet

4) Collagen Mask Sheet.  Okay, seriously, this mask will get you a date.  I once dated a guy who only dated 20 year olds (and well, I haven’t been 20 for  six four years now) and he still dated me.  I’m not going to say it’ll take ten years off because it won’t but it does help.  

So there you have it, folks.  Oh and one more thing, when putting on these masks, do it alone because for 20 mins, you’ll kinda look like this:



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