Must Watch: Orange is the New Black

Mad Men ….Check, Breaking bad…Check, Dexter…Check!

I finally finished catching up on all my favorite tv shows, so I decided to scour for some new guilty pleasures.  It seems like everyone has been talking about this show called Orange is the New Black, but honestly I did not know what they were talking about until it drove past me on a bus like Carrie Bradshaw.

I looked it up and found out it was from Weeds creator ,Jenji Kohan, was behind this season’s new hit color.  I was glad to see Taylor Schilling in a role that was meant for her because she was too old for playing Zac Efron’s love interest in the Lucky One.  I also like Laura Prepon’s hair color, but not her voice.

From the opening scene (t.v. tits) to the creative uses of feminine products in prison (not jail) the show proved itself to be a Netflix hit and worthy of the Twitter explosion.

So give it a try because Piper Chapman will be your new favorite hasbian.

Forget Orange is the new pink because Orange is the New Black!


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