Film Review: The To Do List


Ever since I saw Safety Not Guaranteed, I became a huge fan of Aubrey Plaza’s dead pan humor. So when I found out that this weekend, The To Do list, hit theaters, I was beyond psyched.  Normally, I’m not a big fan of comedy films but this one had me laughing til the end.  

Brandy Clark (Plaza), a 17 year old high school graduate, invites you to tag  along on her “to do list” of sexual awakening until she reaches the ultimate goal of “popping her cherry” before college.


After careful note taking from her sexpert sister and her best friends cheering her on, she is willfully determined to conquer the world–sexually.

Now, if you are easily offended  or crude humor makes you uncomfortable, then this is not the film for you. On the other hand if it doesn’t, then where do I begin?  First, there’s hand jobs, blow jobs, motorboating, finger bombing…you name it.


In addition, the uncompromising situations she gets herself into are hilariously funny…I’ll give you a hint (it involves pineapple juice).


Everything about this film brought me back to my childhood, the clothes, music, and especially the pop culture references.

If you’re a 90s kid (like me) then it might inspire you to make your own “to do” list or relive the first time you had a big O.




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