Film Review: The Conjuring


Yesterday night, I dragged  some friends to watch The Conjuring with me.  Honestly, it all started with fun and games until I saw the petrified look on their faces. Now, I’m not one to get easily scared but the added shrieks coming from my pals made me think, “hmm, has my love for horror films jaded me?” Earlier this year, when the trailer was released, I immediately thought, “eh, this is going to be lame, another Amityville knockoff.”  But clearly, I was mistaken. Yes, I thought some of the elements were a bit predictable, for instance, the youngest daughter had to befriend a ghost and  of course  most of the “jump” scenes were intentionally put for shock value.  But aside from that, it had a solid story with plenty of intrigue and character development.

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The Conjuring Pic - 0013

In the beginning of the film, you are immediately drawn to the the Perron family (the ones being tormented). Ron Livingston and Lily Tomlin, give a terrific performance as frightened parents trying to protect their five daughters from evil. As for Patrick Wilson and Vera Fermiga, they also do a great job as paranormal investigators aiming to help rid the family of demonic possession.


Director, James Wan, is no stranger to the horror genre, previously he worked on Dead Silence, Saw, and Insidious--all of which I liked.  So naturally, I went in with high expectations but also with a bit of skepticism since most “supernatural” movies have the same plot line.



For a film that’s story has been done so many times, I thought it was surprisingly original. Hands down, it was better than The Possession, The Last Exorcism, and all those other supernatural flicks. It’s definitely a must watch if you are a fan or horror. 9/10


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