Coming Down from Fading Into You: Music from The Movie The Canyons

Do you remember Mazzy Star’s Fade Into You?

 It was like the national anthem for the romantically challenged.  It’s one of those songs you just want to curl up in your bed with your boyfriend pillow while rifling through old momentos from your memory box that’s decorated with puff paint hearts.

Well there’s a new song in town to get romanticle with (well, it’s not so new, but it is to us!) called Coming Down from a band called the Dum Dum Girls off their 2012 album called Only in Dreams featured in an atmospheric trailer for Lindsay Lohan’s The Canyons!  Their sound is also somewhere between The Pretenders and The Raveonettes, but it all has a bit of that melancholia vibe. So break out the Ben & Jerry’s, smash up Ruffles to sprinkle on top, and update that breakup playlist.

What do you think: Hit or Miss?

We think it’s a hit!


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