How to Cool Your Hydration: Drink your H2O in style

This Sahara weather has me looking like one hot sweaty Southern Bell (and I live in Los Angeles)!  My hair is as big a tumbleweed and at the end of the day my makeup looks like I just crawled out from under a bar fight.  But all this still doesn’t take away my spirit of trying to look cute and sunny in 102° weather!

I took a trip to Target recently, and I found a water tumbler that would make any Etsy or Pinterest lover jealous!  So it gave me the idea to share with you some of my favorite thirst quenching dispensers that serve two purposes:  The first being keeping yourself hydrated, of course, and the second would be looking cute while you’re downing that H2O.

So break out the ice, grab some chevron print straws, and put your best red lipstick on while you sip some electrolytes back in style because there is no other way!

Aladdin Double Walled Plastic Mason Jar
$9.99 @ Target
For the Etsy & Pinterest Lover

Thirst Aid Water Bottle
$22.95 @ Paper Source
Jogging will never look the same

Ello Thrive Glass Water Bottle Flora Grey
$12.00 @ Target
Take a sip in this while you stop at a red light


Red up Living Wine Reusable Cup 80z
$5.99 @ Amazon
Party Hardy and hydrate later using this

Sea Life Anchor Double Wall Acrylic Wine Glass w/ Straw
$12.99 @ Amazon
Quench your thirst at the beach.

Lipstick Flask
$14 @ Fred Flare
Why don’t you look glamorous drinking water


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