Product Review: FEED USA + Target


On Saturday night, my sister called me up and said, “Hey,  come over so we can check out Target’s FEED USA products Sunday morning, they are opening early.”  To which, I responded, “umm, I guarantee you there’ll be no line, it’s not like it’s Missoni or anything.”  But then, she sent me the commercial that said something like:  “a bag can buy 30 kids lunch and a bicycle can buy food for like an entire village”, so of course I was convicted.  Being the humanitarian that I am, I was like “okay, never mind, let’s go help feed some kids.” I also remembered, I needed cotton swabs, so I was like, two birds, one stone.

Upon our 8 am arrival, we noticed that the displays were up but some of the merchandise was missing.   Shirts, sweaters, and bags were hung up, but none of the jewelry or scarves were out on the floor.  No one seemed to know when they were going to finish putting up the merch until we finally had one of the managers tell us that it would be in 10 more minutes.  We patiently waited and browsed another display that featured plates, cups, and reusable totes, but the best product from that section was the throw which seemed soft and adequately priced.   When we headed on over to the men’s section, they were still working on putting out the clothes there too, so after 30 minutes of waiting, we decided to just grab some breakfast and try our luck at a different Target.




When we arrived at the second Target, they had a similar problem.  The Feed Jewelry wasn’t up on display, but we found an open box full of it sitting out on the counter of the Jewelry department.  We asked the worker there if we could check it out, and she said yes.  My sister tried some of the bracelets, but they seemed to be made for models that need feeding themselves.  She was also a little disappointed because the clothes only went up to an XL, which really looked like a size medium.

In the end, my sister ended up buying a scarf and a necklace, which I think was the equivalent to 28 meals, and of course I commend her for it.


Overall, there wasn’t anything mind boggling and most of the customers didn’t even seem to notice the merchandise.  Personally, I wasn’t thrilled about the stuff and it was a little overpriced, even with the noble cause built in. I could see what they were going for, but perhaps “farm chic” just isn’t for me. Maybe when it hits the clearance aisles (which I’m positive it will) I’ll get a tote.



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