Scarf it Up: Easy Ways to Organize Your Scarves for the Summer

It’s time to take that top off your convertible because Summer is here which means it’s the perfect excuse to break out your scarves!  But before you put on your sunglasses and wrap a scarf around your lovely head of locks and pretend your Jackie O, I came up with some creative ideas to organize and store your scarf collection for easy view and access.


You have heard the saying “out of sight, out of mind”?  Well I don’t know about you, but that’s pretty much how I am.  If I don’t see it out, I forget I have it.  So in order to make sure I make the most use of my summer scarves, they must be visible to me.

One easy idea is to use a pants hanger.  I had some spare ribbon, and made a cute a little bow to decorate it and hung it on the wall in my walk-in closet.


I love this faux leather basket I got from Ross a while back because it can be utilized for different things.  It is very roomy and fits many of my scarves!  I have a storage bench at the edge of my bed, and I placed it on top of it for easy access.


The Dollar Tree, 99cent store, Target, or Walmart has these small/medium sized storage boxes that can be used for storing anything from socks to scarves.  They also fit neatly in your dresser drawer!


Now grab a scarf, put on those shades, and head on out to the beach!



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