To Dad with Love: Father’s Day Gift Ideas

For the past eight years (ever since I legally became an adult), it feels like I’ve lost a sense of time.  It’s like I never know what day I’m living in, let alone the month. From time to time, I get reminded when I get those pesky texts from my cell phone company to remind me that my bill is past due ( like I care). So if it wasn’t for that, everyday would be a a Saturday. But this year, I was reminded by a spam letter that read, “buy a replica Rolex for Dad” that Father’s Day is on Sunday. So then, I thought, what do I buy? So I decided to share with you some of my favorite gift ideas for Father’s Day.

For the Old-Fashioned dad


The Art of Shaving’s Traditional Gift Set
$ 236

For the Suave dad


Sephora’s John Varvatos Artisan Gift Set

For the Brewmiester dad


Mr. Beer Premium Edition from Target

For the Geeky dad


Star Theatre Planetarium from Firebox

For the Hipster dad


Ted Baker Typewriter Laptop Sleeve from Fred Flare

For the Foodie dad


Bacon is Meet Candy from Bacon Freak
$146 (3 month subscription)

For the Working dad


Plaid Skinny Tie from Banana Republic


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