Film Review: Frances Ha


Every now and then comes a movie that really speaks to you. For some, it’s usually those Academy Award winning films ( you know, the ones where something tragic happens at the end). But for others, there are films like Frances Ha, which I absolutely loved.

From the very first scene, I felt like I was transported to a life that was my own. As a single, twenty something year old living in a metropolitan city, I too understood her fears and worries. Sometimes, we are so caught up having fun, that time literally flies by and we are left to think, “where has my life gone?” I know there have been plenty of times, where I’ve thought, “what am I doing with my life?” or “I’m nowhere near my goals.”  It’s ridiculously scary how much I was able to identify not only with Frances but those around her, like her best friend, Sophie, or “the artist” Benji.



Last year, my favorite film was The Perks of Being a Wallflower, because of all the nostalgia it brought me. Not only was it one of my favorite books as a teen but it spoke to the former, 17 year old me. Now, as an adult, if there was a film to relate to, I would have to go with Frances Ha. So far, it has been the best movie I have seen this year.


I’m also a fan of  director,Noah Baumbach’s  (Greenberg, Kicking and Screaming) work. In a way, it reminded me of an early Woody Allen film, with lots of interesting dialogue and intricate characters. I believe that in ten or fifteen years,  this will become a classic of our generation.

So, whether you’re lost in yours 20s or still finding yourself at 50, this is a film for you. 12/10



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